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Our subject matter experts frequently contribute to trade publications that address an array of key business topics within our service offerings.   Having successfully worked with a multitude of clients over the last two decades, we have been able to decipher best practices and welcome the opportunity to share this knowledge with the supply chain industry.

May/Jun   Using Analytics to Make Powerful Business Decisions
Analytics Magazine
Big data is a hot topic but harnessing its full potential can be elusive.
By Alex Romanenko and Alex Artamonov
Mar   Let ROSMASM Take Your Organization's Vital Signs
Inside Supply Management
ROSMASM Performance Check allows you as supply chain leaders to quantify your organization's financial contribution.
By Mary Siegfried
Jan/Feb   Solving the Reshoring Dilemma
Supply Chain Management Review
If you're not sure whether or not reshoring is right for you or your company, here are some of the tools and factors you should consider.
By Patrick Van den Bossche, Pramod Gupta, Hector Gutierrez, and Aakash Gupta
Dec   Procurement Analytics: Gain the Capability with a One-Two Punch
SIG Newsletter
As companies strive to be as competitive as possible, leadership is turning to procurement to generate additional value beyond cost. In turn, procurement is evolving to contribute to strategic differentiation with greatly use of analytical strategies and tools. How can you shape your current procurement team to leverage new analytic capabilities?
By Carrie Ericson and Stacy Sifleet
Oct   The Future of Sustainable Palm Oil
Inside Supply Management
Increased demand and production concerns for the environment are motivating industries to take steps now to ensure the future of sustainable palm oil in the supply chain.
By Raj Arumugam, David Donnan and John Moyer
Sep   Ignite Your Career
Supply in Demand
Build relationships, find balance and seize opportunities to advance your growing skills in supply chain management. A.T. Kearney conducted a survey among experienced and emerging supply chain practitioners to identify eight areas which will help bring future success in the supply chain management field.
By Amanda DeCook
Jun 30   How to Get More for Less in Legal Services
BAI Banking Stategies
Reducing legal costs is inevitable in today's cost-cutting environment, yet banks must proceed in a judicious way that preserves effective legal assistance.
By Uday Singh, Imran Dassu and Shakil Nathoo
Jun   Young professional benefits from US visit
Procurement Professional
The 2012 CIPSA Young Procurement Professional (YPP) of the Year, Andrew Maxwell, recently visitied the United States as a guest of A.T. Kearney. Enrico Rizzon reports that the firm's sponsorship of the CIPSA Young Procurement Professional Award reflects its dedication to helping forward-thinking companies achieve immediate impact and growing advantage.
By Enrico Rizzon
Apr   Eight Steps to a Successful Career
A.T. Kearney recently survyed a group of experienced professionals about what they believe are the requirements for a successful career with a focus on what individuals starting out can do, in a sense, to ignite their careers and ensure a successful one.
By Amanda DeCook
Mar/Apr   With Acquisitions, Procurement Planning Pays
Supply Chain Management Review
Recent A.T. Kearney findings suggest that while all mergers are not successful, the common element among those that do succeed is early engagement of procurement.
By Kish Khemani and Brent Ross
Dec   The Big Challenge is Big Data in 2013
Bank Systems & Technology
Without the capacity to mine mountains of customer data across multiple channels, banks won't be able to offer the integrated and consistent multi-channel experience customers demand today.
By Eric Stettler
2012 Special Issue   In a Holding Pattern
CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly
Although there are some bright spots in the air cargo market, generally flat cargo volumes coupled with increasing capacity are keeping things fairly calm for now.
By Josh Brogan
2012 Special Issue   Hungry for a Better Strategy
CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly
Traditional approaches to transportation management won't stand up in today's truck transportation market. Shippers and carriers need a new recipe for doing business together.
By Michael Zimmerman
Sep/Oct   What Makes an Effective CPO?
Supply Chain Mangement Review
A recent A.T. Kearney study shows that industry leaders increasingly use a variety of metrics to establish the link between procurement savings and overall business performance, including unit cost, inventory levels, total cost of ownership, and days payable.
By Kate Hart and Enrico Rizzon
Mar/Apr   The Case for Supplier Development
Supply Chain Management Review
Companies need a focused supplier development program as part of their overall Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) intiative to manage risk and promote cost savings.
By Mike Hales and Raj Arumugam
Mar 27   Procurement Performance Management – mehr als nur KPI's…
Externe Ausgaben sind oft einer der größten Kostenblöcke in Unternehmen. Folgerichtig werden aus der Einkaufstätigkeit harte monetäre Effekte erwartet. Was ist nun der „richtige“ Wertbeitrag des Einkaufs für das Unternehmen und wie kann er glaubhaft nachgewiesen werden? Welche Ressourcen werden für die Einkaufserfolge aufgewendet? Oder kurz: Wie wird der Einkauf richtig gesteuert?
By Peter Scharbert
Nov   Driving Spend Management Through Advanced Analytics
Supply Chain Management Review
Companies that have been successful in implementing a spend management process have done so by building a sophisticated analytical approach into their procurement and sourcing functions.
By Amy Still, Stacy Rhone and Debra Rosenbaum
Oct   Assessment of Excellence in Procurement Study: Focus on Australia
CIPS Australia
A.T. Kearney's Assessment of Excellence in Procurement (AEP) is one of the most comprehensive studies in the supply management industry. Produced every three to four years and including global organisations from various industries, the AEP provides a broad, complete view of procurement's current state and future trends. In 2011, CISPA partnered with A.T. Kearney to better understand the Australian market as it compares to other markets.
By Enrico Rizzon
Autumn   Matters arising: How to increase spend compliance
CPO Agenda
Despite the pressure to cut costs, procurement organisations still face opposition to initiatives to channel indirect spend through preferred suppliers.
By Carrie Ericson
Sep/Oct   The Evolution of Supply Management
Supply Chain Management Review
The supply management function—and the professionals working in it—have made steady progress from an administrative afterthought to a strategic driver of business success.
By Carrie Ericson, Simon Rycraft
Sep   Time To Tell Your CPOs to Collaborate With Suppliers
Industry Week
How to create value by collaborating inside and outside the organization. Today, reducing costs is no longer enough. Companies want value and they want their chief procurement officers (CPOs) to deliver it. How can CPOs get the job done? By first identifying and then collaborating with their key suppliers.
By Mike Hales, Oliver Zeranski, Hendrik Disteldorf
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Aug   Decision Point
Supply IN Demand, supplement to Inside Supply Management
Start your career path off on the right foot by carefully choosing your first job. An A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions souring analyst discusses how she selected the best employer that met career goals.
By Amanda DeCook
Mar/Apr   Driving Top-Down Change from the Bottom Up
Supply Chain Management Review
Most center-led procurement organizations have a "to do" list of planned improvement opportunities that are expected to be significant sources of benefit. However, no matter how significant the savings are, most organizations encounter problems when they try to drive standard procurement and supply chain processes from the top down.
By Kristen Etheredge, Damon Beyer
Mar/Apr   Value Focused Supply, Linking Supply to Business Strategies
Supply Chain Management Review
The ongoing pressure to cut sourcing and procurement costs is certainly understandable.  But simply saving money on external spend will no longer be enough to survive, let alone prosper, in the years ahead.  What's needed instead is a new, longer-term approach that closely links supply management with business strategies.
By Robert Monczka, John Blascovich, Leslie Parker and Tom Slaight
Jan   Building an Effective Knowledge Management Programme
VIP Magazine
Hugo Evans and Helen Clegg discuss how they have had the opportunity to build a knowledge management programme and embed it into the core operations of A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions.
By Hugo Evans and Helen Clegg
This article has been reused with the permission of Free Pint Limited, publisher of VIP. All other rights reserved.
Jan   Toward Excellence in Compliance Management
Supply Chain Management Review
The best procurement compliance programs combine people, process, and technology to gain proactive end user compliance across the organization.
By Carrie Ericson and Falyne Chave
Nov 1  

Sourcing Success Under Tight Time Pressure
Supply Chain Management Review
Guidelines can help supply management professionals "do the right thing" and "do things right" in a hectic, time-pressured environment.
By Chris Ahn, Ricardo Ruiz-Huidobro, Kumar Venkataraman, and Michael Hu

Autumn   Staying Close to Shore
CPO Agenda
Three years ago, expectations were high for a massive expansion in the outsourcing of indirect procurement. So what happened?
By Jan-Fokke van den Bosch and Simon Rycraft
Oct/Nov   Indirect Procurement: Too Many Missed Opportunities
Inside Supply Management
While the expected trends in indirect procurement are progressing more slowly than anticipated, new areas of savings and value creation are apparent.
By Jan Fokke van den Bosch, Alec Bounds, Simon Rycraft and Julia Trampel
Sep/Oct   Jump-Starting Your eSourcing Program
Supply Chain Management Review
For those procurement organizations still playing catch-up when it comes to eSourcing, all is not lost. The leaders have shown the way.
By Carrie Ericson and Gregg Brandyberry
Jul 1   Putting the "I" in "Team"
Supply & Demand Chain Executive
Five keys to solidifying your reputation as an "i"nfluential supply management executive
By Mark Clouse and Chris Windfelder
May/Jun   Mending the Broken Link in Healthcare: A New Approach to Sourcing Durable Medical Equipment
Supply & Demand Chain Executive
A case study on utilizating collaboration optimization for the healthcare industry.
By Carrie Ericson and Dia Lasisi
Spring   Is There a Hole in your Synergy Strategy Bucket?
CPO Agenda
During mergers and acquisitions, procurement has a critical role in ensuring that IT costs are kept to a minimum and that software lives up to expectations in the new organisation.
By Simon Rycraft and Claude Fidelin
Jan/Feb   iCPO, We've Got an App for That!
Supply Chain Management Review
The building blocks for change in the supply management space are firmly in place. They are so solid, in fact, that the pace of change is accelerating faster than most people had anticipated. What does the future hold for tomorrow's procurement leaders? This look into a day in the life of our iCPO, circa 2016, provides a glimpse.
By Carrie Ericson, Hugo Evans and Joe Raudabaugh
Jan/Feb   Planning for Success in 2010
Supply Chain Management Review
A few key planning steps can lead to supply management strategies that will jump start the New Year, as well as success for longer-term objectives.
By Carrie Ericson, Simon Rycraft, Kunal Mehta, and James Rooke
Jul 1   Optimize Your Contract Labor
Supply Chain Management Review
Companies can maximize cost savings and productivity improvement by ensuring that the "right number" of contractors with the "right skills" are the "right match" for the work at the "right price".
By Kristen Etheredge, Suzanne Dorf and Tejal Thakkar
May 1   Outperforming the Market Price Reduction
In a period of declining market prices, procurement organizations must deliver and measure price reductions in excess of the market, while exceeding goals for quality, service, and innovation.
By Marc Hochman and John Moyer
Mar 1   Procurement's Chance to Shine
Supply Chain Management Review
Procurement professionals today have a huge opportunity to make a powerful impact on business performance.
By Marc Hochman and Robert Boll
Jan 1   The Great CIO/CPO Collaboration Opportunity
Supply Chain Management Review
The potential benefits of a strong alliance between the chief
procurement and information officers are enormous. Heightened operational efficiency, greater individual recognition, and superior business results are just the beginning.
By Carrie Ericson, Mirko Martich and Juan Llanos
  How the Stars Shine Brighter
CPO Agenda
Despite volatile market conditions, a major new study shows that stand-out procurement functions continue to extend their reach and value contribution.
By Wolfgang Steck and Simon Rycraft
Nov 1   Crafting a Successful Global Strategy
Supply Chain Management Review
The pace of globalization continues to foster opportunities, challenges, and uncertainties for companies around the globe. World exports grew more than two times as fast as world GDP growth from 2000 to 2006, and the trend is consistent across all regions and industries.
By Mirko Martich, Sean Monahan and Sumit Chandra
Oct 1   Supply Quality: Today's Pressing Priorities
Supply Chain Management Review
In today’s global environment, assuring product quality throughout the supply chain has become more important—and more difficult—than ever. The guidelines presented here can help companies meet that challenge.
By David Hanfland
Sep 1   Buying in a Sellers’ Market
Supply Chain Management Review
Suppliers have become more powerful than ever, which means buyers must adjust quickly to a new playing field. To help supply management professionals make that adjustment, A.T. Kearney has developed The Purchasing Chessboard.
By Christian Schuh and Ramon Romero Perez
Aug 1   Podcasting: A New Way to Create, Capture and Disseminate Intellectual Capital
Information Outlook
In today’s web 2.0 world, leading-edge organizations need to harness the many different ways of capturing knowledge.
By Helen Clegg and Susan Montgomery
Jul/Aug   Accelerating the Procurement Transformation
Supply Chain Management Review
With certain key success factors in place, you can speed the transition from a tactical paper-pushing procurement function to a strategic supply chain organization.
By Carrie Ericson
May/Jun   Huge Potential in Contract Labor Substitution
Supply Chain Management Review
As companies battle to reduce costs and improve cash flow, some are finding that a new approach to contact labor can deliver significant results.
By Mike Hales and Christian Hagen
Apr 1   Get Control of Your Inventory
Supply & Demand Chain Executive
To a chief financial officer, inventory is often a line item on the balance sheet that measures inventory turns against the income statement. This COGS analysis provides an overall view of how much inventory is held across the company's supply chain. What it doesn't provide are the reasons why the inventory is there in the first place.
By Sumit Chandra, Mirko Martich, Shalin Shah and Kumar Venkataraman
Jan/Feb   Low-Cost-Country Sourcing
eSide Supply Management
Maturing labor and supply markets. Rising costs of delivered goods. Increased supply chain risks. Growing awareness of environmental impact. All these factors herald Latin America's rising popularity as a low-cost-country sourcing alternative to Asia.
By Ricardo Ruiz-Huidorbo
Dec 13   Tailor Catalogs to Capture Savings
Most companies put enormous effort into clinching the sourcing deal with a supplier, but less effort into teaching employees outside the procurement organization how to buy under the new contract terms. Online catalogs can solve the problem.
By Randy Watson and Suman Sakar
Nov 1   The Sustainable Supply Chain
Supply Chain Management Review
The best companies view sustainability not only as a chance to contribute to social goals, but also as a powerful source of competitive advantage.
By Daniel Mahler
Nov 1   The Future of Suppy Chain Management - Part 3: Oganization + Talent
Supply Chain Management Review
What lies ahead for supply management? Part 3 focuses on the future organizational structure for supply management and the related talent considerations.
By Philip L. Carter (Executive Director for CAPS Research) and Joseph R. Carter (Department of Supply Chain Management for W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University)
Oct 1   The Future of Suppy Chain Management - Part 2:Technology, Collaboration, Supply Chain Design
Supply Chain Management Review
What lies ahead for supply management? Part two of this three-part series examines this critical question within the contexts of enabling technology, collaborative relationships,and supply chain design.
By Thomas H. Slaight, John D. Blascovich and Joseph R. Carter (Department of Supply Chain Management for W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University)
Oct 1   What Supply Management Can Learn from MySpace
Supply Chain Management Review
The social networking technologies our teenagers have embraced possess capabilities that can be leveraged to tackle some tough supply management challenges.
By Joe Raudabaugh
Sep 1   The Future of Suppy Chain Management - Part 1: Category Strategies and Supplier Management
Supply Chain Management Review
What’s in store for supply management—and supply management professionals—in thedecade ahead? An in-depth study conducted by CAPS Research, the Institute for Supply Management, and A.T. Kearney tackled this question head on. In this first of a three-part series, presented are the findings on two key areas of the research: category strategies and supplier management.
By Robert M. Monczka and William J. Markham
Sep 1   Key Partner Management
Supply Chain Management Review
Taken cost reduction with your supply base as far as it will go? The next level is to build partnerships with key suppliers that add real value to the relationship.
By Mike Hales
May/Jun   New Technologies Boost Procurement’s Potential
Supply Chain Management Review
By leveraging the capabilities of today’s technologies, supply management leaders can enhance the value they deliver to their organizations.
By Marc Hochman
May 1   Succeeding in a Dynamic World: Supply Management in the Decade
Inside Supply Management
Finding report on A.T. Kearney, CAPS Research, and ISM study on the future of supply management.
By the Editorial Staff
Apr 1   Taming the Corporate Legal Spend
Supply Chain Management Review
What’s needed is a total cost view that targets equal improvements in both the rates (prices) and quantity (number of hours) of the legal services provided.
By Daniel Mahler
Apr 1   From CPO to CEO
Inside Supply Management
The road to the corner office may not be such a long haul after all, based on a recent advancements by supply management professionals.
By John Blascovich
Mar 1   Bringing Rigor to Risk Management
Supply Chain Management Review
Risk management takes on a challenging new dimension in today's extended supply chains. Meeting that challenge begins with a robust planning process.
By Kish Khemani
  Value-Based Sourcing: Comparing Apples with Oranges
CPO Agenda
A.T. Kearney consultant Jules Goffre explains how moving from a sourcing process based on minimising cost to one based on maximising value means embracing supplier differences.
By Jules Goffre
Jan/Feb   Want a More Flexible Supply Chain?
Supply Chain Management Review
Risk management takes on a challenging new dimension in today's extended supply chains. Meeting that challenge begins with a robust planning process.
Randy Garber & Suman Sarkar
Jun 1 06   How to write an RFP for Information Products
Information Outlook
A.T. Keareny Knowledge Mangement Experts share compelling insights on how to write a sound RFP.
By Helen Clegg and Susan Montgomery
Mar/Apr 06   Complex Services and Strategic Sourcing Unite
Electric Perspectives
Companies in many industries use strategic sourcing to develop long-term relationships with contractors. The objective is to plan and manage procurement of products or services from a systemwide “strategic” level to complement a company’s larger goals.  In most cases, by sourcing from a strategic level instead of purchasing materials and services on a localized, as-needed basis, companies have cut procurement costs from 5 to 10 percent per year on average.
By Vance Scott & Everett Johnson
Spring 06   Thinking Outside the Box
CPO Agenda
CPOs can help their firms escape the clutches of patent-protected, monopolistic suppliers using a process called 'invention on demand'.
By Christian Schuh and Boris Piwinger
1 Dec 05   Seven Steps to Sourcing Information Products
Information Outlook
By Helen Clegg and Susan Montgomery
6 Oct 05   Eprocurement
Supply Management
By Haydn Jones
1 Jun 05   Out with the Old
European Leaders in Procurement
Handing your procurement functions over to a third party to source and manage can make a huge difference to your organization's efficiency, but only if you get it right.
By Haydn Jones
Spring 05   Scaling New Heights
CPO Agenda
What separates the leaders from the followers in procurement today? A major benchmarking study offers some answers.
By Jules Goffre, Wim Plaizier and Jesper Schade
1 Dec 01   The ROI Case for e-Sourcing
Supply & Demand Chain Executive
Procurement professionals increasingly are turning to e-sourcing tools to help them save time by accelerating their strategic sourcing efforts.
By Carrie Ericson

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