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Articles on Procurement

The Knowledge Center serves as a central hub for all of A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions' compelling thought leadership in the areas of procurement, sourcing, supply management, and advanced analytics. Content in this section, including articles on procurement, is constantly being updated and refreshed. Subscribe to the Knowledge Center RSS feeds for immediate alerts on newly available materials.

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Featured Content

Articles on Procurement The Future of Healthcare in Canada
Many countries in the world are experiencing a demographic shift, resulting in a growing aging population. This trend, coupled with the increased costs of healthcare fueled in part by new technologies and treatments, poses challenges to the way healthcare is funded. In this podcast, Rodey Wing and Ella Berlyand discuss these challenges in relation to Canada, drawing upon a study they conducted with the Conference Board of Canada. Rodey and Ella outline different funding models, demonstrate how technology can help develop more sustainable healthcare systems, and share best-practice examples.
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Articles on Procurement Rethinking Supply in Food and Beverage
More strategic supplier relationships will ensure food and beverage firms are ready for the onslaught of change.
By Dave Donnan, Joy Peters, John Piatek and Abe Thomas
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Articles on Procurement IT's Challenge: Bringing Structure to the Unstructured World of Big Data
Big data is a significant transformational disruptor. Savvy IT leaders will capitalize on the opportunities.
By Christian Hagen, Hugo Evans, Bharath Thota, Dan Wall, Anand Seshadri, and Khalid Khan
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  Articles on Procurement
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