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Publications Archive

Periodic publication of business issue papers, case studies and relevant surveys allows us to communicate and decipher the current needs of the industry.   We have published thought pieces that offer valuable insights on relevant topics such as supply chain management, eSourcing, procurement best practices and future perspectives, strategic sourcing and supplier relationship management, to name a few.

Supply Advantage: A New Mindset for Procurement
By Jose Morales, Tom O'Neill, Niul Burton
Just when smart companies thought they had squeezed the last ounce of savings from their supply bases, enlightened procurement organizations are focusing more on process than on function. Strategic players have learned that they can do much more than drive down costs.

Creating Value through Strategic Supply Management: 2004 AEP

Making Procurement a Priorty:Insights from A.T. Kearney's Excellence in Procurement Study of the Retail Industry
In today’s hypercompetitive retail environment, no company is safe. All retailers need to find new ways to create value. To drive the excitement and top-line growth that sustains the industry, CEOs must grow their businesses and, at the same time, deliver superior return on invested capital. How can CEOs deliver more profitable and customer-focused growth? A.T. Kearney believes CEOs should look more closely at their merchandising and procurement functions.

The Complexity Challenge
Consumer products companies must reduce complexity even as they add brands, extend lines and alter package sizes.

Pharma Explores Uncharted Territory
In an industry in which one incorrect data point can lead to grave consequences, pharmaceutical companies have not been eager to jump on the global outsourcing bandwagon. The risk is too great, the perceived reward too small. Today’s push and pull dynamics, however, are changing attitudes and strategies. The time is right for pharma companies to reach beyond their boundaries and tap into the benefits of global outsourcing, even for R&D.

When Your Suppliers Talk... Listen

By Robert M. Tevelson & Richard Sheinfeld
Looking for new ideas? Want to know how you stack up against your rivals? Recruit a new source: your suppliers.

Improving the Medicine Supply Chain:An Imperative for Public Health Care
Nations under pressure to reduce health care budgets and costs might learn a few lessons from Mexico.

Demand Management: Changing the Way Organizations Acquire Goods and Services
Demand management is fundamentally changing the way organizations acquire their goods and services.

Strategic Supply Management - A Growing Source of Competitive Differentiaion

By Andy Eversbusch & Rolf Schlmrock
Strategic supply management will soon be influenced by a number of powerful forces. The good news is that these future forces offer great opportunity to elevate the procurement function's role through strategic supply management.

AEP 2002: How Leaders Create Value through e-Supply Management

A.T. Kearney's 2002 AEP Study examines the impact of e-supply management on large enterprises across the globe.

What's So Strategic About Sourcing?
Getting a great price on your copy paper? That's smart purchasing. Teaming up to buy eggs? That's strategic sourcing. When key purchasing decisions are handled creatively, bargins are just the beginning.

The New Procurement Mandate
A.T. Kearney’s latest study, Assessment on Excellence in Procurement, reveals that procurement already serves as an ideal platform to change a company’s value proposition, influence its choice of core competencies, and nurture its ability to innovate.

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