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Supply Management Skills Competency Assessment

Expectations on value from supply management are increasing dramatically, necessitating a different and higher-level skill set to execute in more sophisticated and demanding environments. Increasingly, supply management executives recognize they cannot meet increased expectations with the current talent base. To be successful, supply management executives must find ways to build more effective teams, and talent management has been identified as an imperative enabler.

A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions has developed an analytical, fact-based methodology to define current and future supply management talent needs, evaluate the current resources, and build a roadmap to success.

Competency modeling forms the foundation for aligning resources to the organization structure to drive value from supply management. The modeling combines an examination of individuals’ skills as well as their “will” to grow capabilities and adapt work practices to changing business requirements. This assessment can be leveraged to develop a customized talent management agenda, including training curriculum, hiring and retention plans for supply management personnel professional development.

  • Evaluate selected employees on a number of criteria, including:
  • –  Problem solving/analytical skills
    –  Flexibility/initiative
    –  Leadership/mentoring capabilities
    –  Communications
    –  Teamwork/networking
    –  Specific job knowledge
  • Gather data through self-assessments, supervisory surveys and discussions
  • Measure "gap" between employees' current skills and future state needs
  • Determine "fit" of current supply management personnel into the future vision
  • Determine action plan to develop supply management personnel
  • A common language to define skills, knowledge and behaviors required for successful performance in individual positions cross the organization
  • A common basis for recruitment, selection, performance management, compensation, career planning and development, succession planning and human resources planning
  • Communication and integration of the company’s vision, strategy and values as it relates to individual performance
  • An ongoing, useable performance reference for employees
  • Improved quality of information on people within (and joining) the organization
  • A means to measure the people capability of the organization, particularly in the implementation of major change
  • Flexibility and adaptability to deal with dynamic competitive environments
A robust understanding of leading procurement, leadership and technology skills is reflected in our skills assessment frameworks:

  • 22 procurement competencies, based on our industry-leading Assessment of Excellence in Procurement study (AEP)
  • 12 technology core competencies with the starting point based on AEP & A.T. Kearney client best practices
  • 4 skill level descriptions for each competency (basic, competent, advanced, master)
  • We are a recognized global leader - we founded and continue to innovate strategic sourcing and supply management best practices
  • Unrivaled procurement results & xperience, coupled with deep and broad cross-industry perspective
  • Called on by leading companies for supply management transformation and results across complex, strategic, direct categories…larger than the next 3 competitors combined
  • Insight into increased executive expectations—value beyond cost savings with flexibility to meet client needs with a range of knowledge transfer mechanisms
  • Proprietary databases enable the capability to leverage global leadership practices, tangible results, and benchmarks
For a leading aerospace/defense contractor facing competitive cost pressures while expanding to commercial markets, A.T. Kearney led a pragmatic and proven approach to help assess and up-skill their supply management talent. We began by developing a fact base to understand the current allocation of resources by grade, location, function, and value-added. Competency models, customized to define specific and measurable capabilities by function and role, were developed to provide an understanding of behaviors and capabilities critical to meet the needs of the future state organization. Employees’ leadership and functional skills were assessed to understand current strengths and gaps relative to the future state competency model. Assessment results were plotted to determine the overall distribution of talent and to identify individual and aggregate skill gaps. Based on assessment results, development plans were customized to up-skill employees and close gaps identified during the talent assessment. Talent development roadmap was tracked monthly to monitor progress and ensure skill gaps are being closed in a timely and effective manner. Ultimately, talent distribution was monitored monthly to monitor progress as well as anticipate future recruiting requirements.

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  supply management skills competency assessment
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