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Procurement Procedures & Best Practices

A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions offers benchmarking, based on the Assessment of Excellence in Procurement™ (AEP) study, which provides companies insights into how their organization's procurement procedures compare with leading companies and a view into emerging procurement best practices. Combining our in-depth understanding of industry requirements and trends, business functions, and procurement best practices, we help clients establish 'Best-in-Class' procurement capabilities to drive value.

Our AEP study, which has been conducted every two to three years since 1992, is the driving force behind this benchmark. It uses a detailed scoring model of leadership practices in each of the procurement excellence areas for each study participant. Our most recent study in 2011 builds on the previous seven by identifying and providing useable insights on the key performance dimensions, as well as procurement procedures, that differentiate procurement industry leaders from followers.  A few include:
Organizations that have leveraged the Assessment of Excellence in Procurement™ benchmark get a complete view of their procurement procedures and best practices. More importantly, they discover improvement opportunities and can determine a strategic direction for positioning their procurement functions as a value add to corporate business objectives.

  • Evaluates Procurement in the broader context of corporate mission, organizational set-up, and enabling functions and tools
  • Facilitates a discussion on the positioning of client’s procurement practices vs. leaders and peers
  • Leverages the company’s knowledge and A.T. Kearney’s benchmarks and experience to produce a comprehensive assessment
  • Defines and helps prioritize improvement opportunities based on quantitative and qualitative assessment of business requirements, current capabilities and leading practices/A.T. Kearney’s benchmarks.
The Assessment of Excellence in Procurement™ Benchmarking evaluates companies across several key dimensions and provides insights on how to improve procurement best practices and capabilities through:
  • Alignment of corporate and procurement strategies
  • Procurement organization structure and agenda for addressing near-term and long-term goals
  • Methodologies and tools for achieving efficiency and effectiveness in critical procurement processes
  • Infrastructure required to support the strategic and tactical activities of the procurement organization
From strategic sourcing to procurement analytics, A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions has set the standard for best in class supply chain management solutions. Our strategies are based on proven methodologies from decades of experience. Our A.T. Kearney Assessment of Excellence in Procurement™ survey (AEP) is the leading benchmarking survey, conducted since 1992 providing quantitative data on practical leadership practices and emerging trends in supply management.
For a major North American utility, we conducted an Assessment of Excellence in Procurement™ Benchmarking study which was then used to develop a supply management transformation to strategy to address key CEO concerns including:
  • Unprecedented anticipated employee attrition over the next 5 years (>1/3 of supply management employees)
  •  A "bet the company" 5-year capital expenditure program with planned spend well in excess of annual revenues 
Supply management was examined in a broad business context including “Voice of the Customer” analysis to identify urgent business requirements. Current supply management capabilities and practices were assessed against qualitative and quantitative benchmarks. Gaps and improvement opportunities were identified with respect to work practices, organization/governance and supporting technology.

In the end, stronger organizational structure and governance provided much greater alignment with business and supply management strategies, streamlined organizational structure, improved strategic planning and budgeting practices and a technology implementation plan to drive improved spend visibility, reduced transaction costs/resources and a greater emphasis on strategic category management functions.

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  Procurement Procedures, Procurement Best Practices
Procurement Procedures, Procurement Best Practices
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